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Welcome to American Legion Post 136 “Paul Stewart Irwin located in Mulvane, Kansas. We are arguably the most active American Legion Post in the Wichita area and are the “Birthplace of the Patriot Guard”.
We are a full service post with active members and leaders in the American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, the Sons of the American Legion and the American Legion Riders.
Post Accomplishments

In November of 2013, the remodel of the Bar was completed, this was all done on the donations from the membership, and with alot of physical labor and love from many of our members. At this time the Legion became non smoking inside  of the building by a majority vote that had been done. The Bar was mainly constructed and built by Jerry Armstrong (Sawblade), with several of our members coming in to volunteer their help.  The Grand opening of the bar is to be held on January 11th, 2014. The front side of the building is now being gutted, and will be modeled for the new meeting room and office side of the building. Our new bathrooms are ADA compliant.  The patio, is scheduled to be enclosed next with windows that will open for air circulation, and will accommodate our smoking population, by providing shelter from extreme weather such as cold, wind and rain.  

In September of 2012 we had a public auction, raising just at 9,000 dollars to go toward the remodel project of making the post ADA compliant.   Great job everyone who donated their time, their goods, and their service toward meeting our goal.
In May and June of 2012 a patio with a 20 X 30 pad and footer for the roof was installed along with a door leading from the post right onto the Patio. (this is just one part of the remodel project) Best of all this was all done with donations!  Thank you to everyone of you who made this possible; you know who you are...
In early 2012 we began a remodel project for the post, to make it accessible to handicapped veterans. and ADA compliant. We started taking in donations and pleges, and we began having fund raisers for our remodel project. It is estimated that we will need to raise about $130,000.00 in-order to do this without having to take out a loan.This project has to be the "Ownership of all our members".  If you can donate or plege anything toward this project please contact Rick Babinger who is spear heading this project. 
Supported our fallen troops and their families during funerals after they have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our ALR became the nucleus of what was to become the Patriot Guard.
Renovated our post doing maintenance and repair on the dining room, bar, kitchen, floors, air conditioning and roof.
Constructed a concrete parking area for the hundreds of motorcycle riders in our American Legion Riders chapter.
Our membership has provided leaders who have gone on to help revitalize other American Legion posts in the area and to start ALR chapters in other posts in and around the Kansas area.
Taken an active interest in our community by working with other posts, working with Wichita’s Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center supporting our troops past and present, supporting our local law enforcement and fire departments and attend various civic and school events on request.
Took an active leadership role in working with Veterans Memorial Park of Wichita Inc and the City of Wichita to develop rules and regulations for Wichita’s Veterans Memorial Park.
Actively support the Gold Star Mothers in their various endeavors.
Contributed a large amount of monies to various charities and programs benefitting our veterans, VA Hospital and our local community.
Our American Legion and American Legion Riders have each started a yearly $1,000 student scholarship program.
 Our Post & Bar is open 7 days a week unless otherwise notified, our ALR has Two-Wheeled Tuesday’s where our rider’s go to a different place each week for an evening meal and comradeship.

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Post Garage Sale - We need your things!!
Posted: 4/9/2014 8:31:53 AM
Save the date - May 3rd is Post 136's Garage Sale! This is a fund raiser that was a big success last year. It will be on May 3, the same day as the Mulvane city wide garage sale. Please gather your stuff. All we ask is that you mark it with a price and bring it by the post beginning Monday April 28. We will put it in the meeting room until Friday where we will set it up and sort it. The sale will begin Sat. am. This is very important to us since the well is dry after our remodel. Please donate your items to the cause. There will be plenty of reminders in the coming weeks.
Fun day at the Post 4-19 (Saturday)
Posted: 4/9/2014 8:23:00 AM
Saturday, April 19 we will be having a fun day at the post. There will be a horseshoe tournament beginning at 10 am and we will have burgers and dogs along with beans and chips. This is for members and guests and we are inviting other posts to join in. A $5 entry fee for the horseshoe tournament has been suggested so the winning team can take home half. After the success of last months fish fry, we hope everyone will come out and support the post out back. There is also volley ball and any other outdoor activity you may want to bring. Shoes start at 10 but plan on spending the day. As more details become available, they will be forwarded.
Elections have been Held for 2014
Posted: 4/8/2014 9:59:26 AM
IMPORTANT: If you were elected for an office, please send the following information to Lorie Metz - 1) Name of office you hold 2) Your name and nick name if you use that 3) Your e-mail address 4) Your phone number 5) A photo attachment if you have one. I need this so the list of officers can be updated on the web site for the AL, The sons of the Legion, The ALR and the Auxiliary. Please send the information to ladyhawk1957@gmail.com Thank you
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
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